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Accurate Diagnostics

for Fast Results



When your pet is under the weather or one of our doctors suspects a problem during a checkup, our on-site diagnostic equipment can help us pinpoint the cause of your pet’s symptoms.

All Creatures Animal Hospital of South Hill offers on-site digital radiology, ultrasound, and a fully equipped laboratory to help us diagnose your pet’s condition quickly while eliminating the need for you to take your pet to another facility for testing.

These valuable diagnostic tools are also often used for preventive care to help us spot underlying conditions before your pet exhibits any outward signs. Additionally, we use much of this equipment to ensure your pet’s safety during a surgical procedure.

We’re pleased to offer our clients the benefits of the following diagnostics:

Fully equipped laboratory

We can process your pet’s bloodwork, urine and fecal samples, heartworm tests, FIV tests, and more on-site for fast results.

Digital radiographs/digital dental x-rays

X-ray equipment has come a long way, and today’s digital radiography produces clear, detailed images that are ideal for spotting foreign objects, fractures, and tumors.


With our ultrasound equipment we can evaluate pregnancies, distinguish between soft tissue and fluid, and see your pet’s internal systems with greater clarity. Ultrasound is noninvasive and often does not require any sedation.

Surgical monitoring

Our monitoring equipment for surgery patients enables us to watch your pet’s EKG/ECG, heartrate, pulse, and body temperature.

When your pet needs help, you want answers fast. We’re proud to offer our pet families the advantages of modern diagnostics and fast results when you need it most.