Wellness Plans

Budget Friendly Pet Wellness Plans

Keep Your Pet Healthy With Easy Payment Plans

Your beloved pets need frequent veterinary care and services to ensure they live long, healthy and happy. To help you budget the costs of your pet's veterinary care and treatments, All Creatures Animal Hospital offers wellness plans that include our doctor's annual recommendations for preventative care.

With the plan, we offer recommendations for the well-being for your pet, including  such as vaccines, annual lab work, flea protection, dental cleanings, and other health care. The plans can be paid for over 12 months with a monthly payment. You will get peace of mind knowing that your pet is receiving the best health care with payments and costs that fit your lifestyle. 

We also accept most insurance plans, and we offer CareCredit and Vet Billing.

Plan Types 

  • Puppy/Kitten plans
    • Spay or Neuter optional
  • Canine/Feline plans
    • Junior (up to 3 years old) -- dental cleaning credit not included
    • Adult 
    • Senior
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